Jordy Searcy



Jordy Searcy is one of the best new voices in the southeastern United States, but beyond that, he knows how to write and perform his singer/songwriter material in a way that really showcases his pipes. Jordy’s carefully crafted songs have the new energy of artists like Ed Sheeran and Brett Dennen, and the timeless melodies and lyrics of artists like James Taylor and Paul McCartney.

All of the coaches on The Voice had something good to say about him when he climbed the ranks of the television singing competition in 2014.

After the show, Jordy recorded and released his first 4 song EP “Seasons” which went to #5 on Apple Music singer/songwriter charts. Jordy has since racked up around 60,000 streams on services like Spotify.

In 2016, Jordy hit the road, playing 80+ shows in the first half of the year alone. The tour went differently than most first tours do, and that’s because it was filled with established fans waiting to hear more new music from Jordy.

“I do my best every night to connect with people through everything I do. For me, the feeling is the same when you play for three people as when you play for three hundred-it’s all about sharing a moment with someone.” -Jordy

See what the buzz is about, and come see Jordy Searcy on tour this fall!

Jordy Searcy
Acoustic guitar-driven folk-pop